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 The Wacky RIG'R
This is the latest in bait saver tools and this system can extend the life of your bait as much as 20 times.

As many anglers know. Wacky rigging or Wacky styling a worm or other soft plastic baits is one of the most effective ways of fishing this type of bait.

Wacky rigging is a method of hooking your bait somewhere around the mid-point. This gives the bait a more alluring presentation to the fish, and if not weighted, allows the bait to have a slower fall rate, leaving the bait in the strike zone for an extended period of time.

There are many methods of Wacky Rigging soft plastic baits. The most common is to push the hook directly through the bait. This, although effective, ususally causes the bait to have a very short, useful life.

Another method commonly used is by placing the hook betwen a rubber O ring and your bait, extending the life of your bait as much as 20 times over the traditional way of rigging.

A couple of downfalls to the O ring method have been that you can tear the bait as you slide the O ring along the length of the bait, in addition to leaving large traces of human scent on the bait.

The Wacky RIG'R is a tool that allows the angler to place an O ring (known as a Wacky RIG'R ring). anywhere on the bait by simply inserting the worm into the tool to a point where you want the ring to reside on the bait, then sliding one Wacky RIG'R ring along the tool and onto the bait in the desired location. This can be done very easily and reduces the amount of human scent left on the bait.

The Wacky RIG'R tool is made of a durable plastic. It will never rust or taint your bait with any metallic smell. It was designed to be boat friendly, and will not chip or mar your boat.

You'll reduce re-rigging time, leaving more time to fish. This is an extremely helpful tool when taking kids fishing. You'll save bait while keeping kids interested in fishing due to this rigging method being so effective.

This tool comes complete with a package of 10 standard and large rings. The rings are also sold separately and come in two different sizes: standard and large. The large ring can be substituted on the tool if you prefer fishing with larger diameter worms.

If you would like to purchase direct, visit the website at
Guest Article: K&J Tackle Wacky RIG’R

Patrick Zajdel of Ontario, Canada

As a 16 year old tournament angler from Southern Ontario Canada, I am constantly looking for an “edge” against the older, more experienced anglers. Ever since I joined the K&J Tackle Pro Staff, I have found that “edge” with the Wacky RIG’R Fishing Tool. As I have found out through fishing multiple tournaments, the wacky rig produces large numbers of quality fish, year round, and just when you did not think that fishing this rig could get any easier, K&J Tackle released the Wacky RIG’R Fishing Tool.

The wacky rig has gained an ample amount of popularity over the past few years, and many companies have come out with their versions of the Wacky RIG’R, however, none of them compare to what K&J Tackle has to offer. The advantages to the Wacky RIG’R Fishing Tool are as follows:

It is made of plastic, instead of metal. This enables it to float. Even more impressive is that the tool maintains its buoyancy while fully loaded with RIG’R Rings.

It is yellow, featuring a bright glossy finish. This makes it quite impossible to lose sight of on tournament day.

Bait sizes are universal as the Wacky RIG’R Fishing Tool’s large opening allows rigging for stick baits from 4 to 6 inches in length. This feature makes it a must have accessory for both freshwater and saltwater anglers!

It will save you money because when a fish strikes, the ring allows the bait to slide up the line, therefore, reducing the risk of any damage to the bait. This also allows for better hooks sets and easier hook removal.

Time Saver
It saves time because you are able to spend less time re-rigging your bait. The more time you have it in the water, your odds at catching a fish are greater. Ultimately, the ring allows you to slide the bait back onto the hook in a matter of seconds.

In conclusion, K&J Tackle’s Wacky RIG’R Fishing Tool is an extremely innovative tool on the market with many unique features and advantages. For the price at which it is offered at, it cannot be beat. For only $9.99, you receive the full kit, featuring the tool and two sizes of RIG’R Rings. Make sure to visit K&J Tackle for more information on the Wacky RIG’R. Get yours directly on their website or stop by any of their retailers, listed under the “Contact Us” tab on their web page.

In the meantime, check out my video that illustrates how to rig with the Wacky RIG’R:

FHC Outdoors would like to thank Patrick for submitting his article to our August 2011 Special Guest Entry Contest. On behalf of our members, we had a tough time picking just one entry, so look out for more contests in the near future. If you would like to contact Patrick, please use
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