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Featured Angler 2017/2018.
Glen Delorenzo
from Maryland​​ 

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                                                             ​​​Q & A Interiew

Q:  What is it that you like about fishing?
A:   I enjoy waking up early mornings and getting out with my buddies and relaxing on the water.
       Than boom you get that bite that feels like no other and the adrenaline gets pumping.  I love the
       great time it puts between me and other. Fishing​​​​ is honestly a good bonding sport.

Q:   What got you into fishing in the first place?
A:   My father got me into fishing and hunting as a young boy and I've never wanted to
      ​ stop. Now I'm out all the time fishing and having a good time. The adrenaline rush
       ​doesn't stop!​​​​

Q:   How often do you get out and fish?
A:   When it's time to fish, it's a daily thing whether it's hitting the lakes, or finding a small pond in
        my area with a few buddies.  All year round we find ponds and try them when the time and
        weather is right.​​​​​

Q: What is your go to bait?
A:    My go to bait is a wacky rig.  It seems to be a bait that the fish just love the aggressive motions
        that the largemouth bass love,  and the wacky rig has always done me well as seen from most of
        fish in the pictures.

Q:   What is your personal best weight and what species?
A:    My personal best weight and species is 6.01 pounds and the length  is 21 1/2 inches.