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  Wacky Worming (Fishing bass)

"Story behind wacky worms goes something like this.  A group of Japanese tourists visited one of the famous southern lakes and rented a boat and some fishing tackle.  With the language difference, they ended up with a couple of packets of plastic worms as the recommended bait and no instruction of how to fish them.  With everything in place, they dissapeared around the bend.  In a few hours, they returned.  As they approached the fishing docks, all the local bass expert started chuckling because of the way the Japanese tourists had rigged their worms.  They basically just poked the hook through the sex collar at the middle of the worm just kind of hung from the hook.  Now the chuckling continued until the boat pulled up to the dock to reveal a few limits of big bass.  So, today we rig worms the same way and call it a wacky worm."


"With a wacky worm rig, you cast or flip or pitch to the spot you think bass are holding.  Then you let the worm fall to the bottom.  With the worm on the bottom, you twitch it every once in a while by moving the rod tip, maybe move it 4 to 8 inches.  When you pull on the worm with the line, the worm will bend in half at the hook.  When you stop pulling, the worm ends will spring back.  By twitching the worm this way, you give it a more natural motion than with a Texas rig or a Carolina rig.  If you think about it, worms twist and turn when submerged, they don't swim along in a straight line.  An improvement over the basic worm rig is to add a weight to the worm.  This is typically done by inserting a short nail into the head end of the worm, this will help the worm get to the bottom quicker and will also add a different ripple to the motion of the worm as it wackies along the bottom.  When you can't get the bass to hit a Texas rig, try a wacky rig.  Often that is just the ticket.  Keep in mind, the hook is exposed so it isn't a weedless rig."

excerpt and photograph taken from an article called The Wacky Rig Is The Height Of Simplicity and Effectiveness.

Are there special hooks for this


"There is no consensus on what makes the best wacky hook. Some think a circle hook because the bass hooks itself (theoretically) as it swims off with the bait.  Others think a live bait hook or a Kahle hook is best."


"Bottom line, almost any hook with an open throat will work.  It's up to you to find the style that works best in your hands and with your chosen baits."
Fishing Tool
"It's the wacky-rig secret that the lure manufacturers don't want you to know about." Steve Waters on Outdoors. 

   "Tiny O-rings mean big savings when fishing for Bass with Wacky-rigged stick worms."  (read the complete article on "Magazine Articles" page)
Reviewer: Young Money
"You MUST have one of these tools. It really is an essential tool. Who doesn't throw a wacky rigged stickbait anymore? Not only will the O-ring keep your bait from coming off but the tool will get it on the bait without messing the bait up....
"I’ve got a couple of these. Love ‘em!

They have a large inside diameter that allows me to use it on Bamboo Sticks.  Great color shows up well if you drop it, and it does for a fact FLOAT.

I give this gadget a 
*****Five star rating.

By-the-by, I’ve used the o-rings on 5 inch Senkos, and have caught 14 bass, and was able to put the Senko back in the bag for another day.
Makes it a lot easier on the pocketbook to fish Senkos."

Larry Luther
  The Fishing Physicist

Great Tool  March 22, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from US
You will save a whole bunch of Yamamoto by using this. At Lake Shasta this is the ticket. The Spot's don't seem to mind that the rubber O ring is on the bait. It's a money saver. Good fishing

O RIngs from Ken ( 12/30/2004 6:38:00 PM
K&J Tackle offers the Wacky RIG'R. It comes with o-rings to fit 4 & 5 inch senkos and you can also get o-rings to fit the larger 6 inch senkos. The Wacky RIG'R  fits both the smaller and larger senkos. They're available in a number of stores and there may be one close to you in MA. It's made from plastic so it won't rust like the metal ones that are also available, and it won't chip your fiberglass if you happen to drop it.
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posted 02 July, 2007 06:23 PM 


 if your senkos are tearing on the wacky rig then get a Wacky RIG'R.
its this thing were you  put the senko in and stretch a 1/4" o ring around it.
put the o ring in the middle and then you put the hook around the o-ring.
that makes it last twice as much (only that cus the fish eat them!!!)
the Wacky RIG'R, which is a tool that allows the proper size o-ring to be easily mounted on a Senko. Preferred hook is one of the Falcons ("K wacky") with weedguard. These come unweighted, and weighted with 1/32, 1/16, or 3/32 oz. Place the hook between the Senko and the o- ring and close the weedguard, that's all there is to it. When fishing these, watch for line hops and line swims, you will often not feel a bite. Hookup ratio is very good. Most local tackle retailers carry these items and the cost is reasonable. Rigging tool comes with 10 each large and small  rings which will handle any Senko from 4" to 6". Replacement o-rings available in 10 packs and 100 packs. I distribute them so contact your local shop, not me, they have them or can get them.
by fishdist » Sun Apr 29, 2007 4:00 pm 

"I have found the Wacky RIG'R Tool to be very effective in placing an O-Ring on a Beaver Bait.   When I Flip and Punch, the O-Ring saves Baits because the line doesn't rip through the nose."​
Jason Coslovich, San Jose California
"You don't have to be afraid to cast far.  You can do all of the things you do with other baits with this one and not worry about your bait coming off".​    ​ Jake, Illinois​​
I am hooked, never fished wacky style before, and now not gonna fish many other ways either!

I love this little ripper of a​​ tool...

Derek, Nova Scotia, Canada.​​ O bass O ring rigged senkos bass rigs senko worm fishing tool m wacky o tool rigs stick baits wacky o rig tool senkos wacky stick bait tool o rings worms wacky bill 0 wacky tool stick bait saver worm k and j tackle using o ring wacky rigging tool wacky rigger worm bill o wacky wacky rigger tool k j wacky rigger o-wacky
"Bass caught on a Strike King stick bait in perch color wacky rigged using the Wacky RIG'R tool.  The tool is awesome because that was the last of that color, that I had and I had already used it a bunch without an O-ring, so it was tore up.  Slapped an O-Ring on there and it was back to useable again."

Justin Johnson​​​​
June 30, 2014.​

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   written by  Southern Guy Reviews, Keeping it Reel!
What In The World Is A Wacky RIG'R?
K&J Tackle Wacky RIG'R ReviewThe Wacky Rig'R tool is designed to make it easier to install a rubber O-ring or grommet snuggly on to a plastic or rubberized fishing worm.
You insert the worm into the half-inch opening of the tool and from the other end slide a rubber ring over the tool and on to the mid section of the fishing worm. It gives the lure a unique swimming action that in my opinion acts more realistic like an actual worm in the water. The rubber o-rings can be staged at the tail end of the tool for easy, speedy use of K&J's Wacky RIG'R
The Wacky Rig'R fishing tool just makes it easier for the average person to be able to slip on the rubber o-rings.
Like in my case after my accident my right thumb and index finger goes numb a lot, I tend to drop stuff all the time and have a harder time picking up smaller objects
For me attaching a rubber ring to a worm can be a struggle but with the Wacky RIG'R it has been simplified where almost anyone can do it.
I went out fishing today since it was a beautiful day, I was hoping to have some luck out on the lake. When I got to the local fishing hole I got out of my truck and gathered my poles and tackle. I put on a lure and turned toward the water to start fishing.
I glanced down into the water to see a 16″ bass right against the bank, this had me super excited. I threw a few cast with the lure, nothing, I tried other lures with the same result.
I was getting frustrated, when after 30 mins of casting for this one bass with not a single bite, the fish turned and swam away.
I have been reviewing a lot of products lately with very few fish actually caught, this in itself is very frustrating. These are new products on the market that are supposed to catch fish but I have had a dry spell for a while.
So, I put on one of my frogs and started walking the bank not really expecting much after the bass swam away. The lakes and other bodies of water are heavily fished around here so to see a bass so close to the shore-line is unusual.
As I walked the bank casting my frog, I came upon two tree stumps in the water and in between the two stumps were eight bass swimming around! I immediately started tossing lures, I wanted one of those bass bad!
I tried almost every lure in my tackle box (which is a lot of lures), and no bites. As I sat there with my tackle trying to figure out what to attach to my line, I opened the top lid of my tackle box to see the Wacky RIG'R. I thought to myself well it can't get any worse than it is, so I attached a worm rigged in the Wacky RIG'R style.
I could not believe my eyes on the second cast a 17″ bass turned and engulfed my worm, woo hoo fish on! I wrestled with the bass for a minute or two, and finally got it to the shore. Holy cow!
I caught a bass with the Wacky RIG'R set-up, honestly I never dreamed this rig would work. Well, it did and it does work! This wonderful Wacky RIG'R tool will now be a regular product in my tackle box! Thank you K&J Tackle for sending me the Wacky RIG'R to review, it truly saved my day of fishing.
I could not believe my eyes on the second cast a 17″ bass turned and engulfed my worm, woo hoo fish on! I wrestled with the bass for a minute or two, and finally got it to the shore. Holy cow!
I caught a bass with the Wacky RIG'R set-up, honestly I never dreamed this rig would work. Well, it did and it does work! This wonderful Wacky RIG'R tool will now be a regular product in my tackle box! Thank you K&J Tackle for sending me the Wacky RIG'R to review, it truly saved my day of fishing.
The tool itself is so simple to use even a five-year old can use it, taking the guess-work out of rigging the wacky rig set-up. I myself enjoyed this product for that very reason, since my accident my hands do not function like they normally do.
My hands tremble a lot lately and I fail to grasp objects properly sometimes leading me to drop the object. The Wacky RIG'R from K&J Tackle is a wonderful product that has produced fish for me, a lovely bass I will remember for quite some time. The Wacky RIG'R gets the SouthernGuyReviews stamp of approval!
Fishing Blog
Great tool! Definetly saves you time and money while still creating an improved realistic presentation!  Your hook up ratio greatly impress while using an O-ring due to your hook being more exposed, as well at the same time adds the lifelike action to your bait.  The tool is bright yellow, which makes it easy to find if you accidentally drop it. It also floats in case that drop was into the water.
                                                    Daniel, Arkansas.​
distressed red 0-rings wacky rig'r bait saver tool Bait saver tool- Wacky RIG'R Distressed red O-rings, wacky RIG'R o-rings designed for easy use -yellow bait saver tool